Bravo Peter Heller, Bravo for Kook!

I like it when things turn out the way you hoped they would; even in a long projecting arc from start to finish. Today I read a book review in the Recorder that was syndicated by the Dallas Morning News about Peter Heller’s new book, called Kook.

Peter and I are old, old friends–we knew each other growing up, and we traveled together to Chile in 2004.  Back then he told me about a book project he had in mind–to live in a Mexican fishing village and learn to surf.

I knew the book was coming—and I’m proud for him that he got such a  stellar review from Michael Young in this big newspaper.

“Heller’s descriptive power can be breathtaking and occasionally overwhelming. You can see the Sierra Madre, Mexico’s mountainous spine, looming to the left as they drive onward in their battered VW camper. (I advised him NOT to drive to Mexico in a 1988 vehicle, but he didn’t listen to me). You can feel the gentle tug of the river when Heller paddles across, and the slippery stones lining the shore. When another surfer casually mentions seeing a shark fin, you shiver a bit as Heller scans every ripple.

“He staggers from the water a changed man, comfortable with his life, finally, and the important things in it. ”

Bravo my friend, bravo for writing a great book and for getting it recognized and yes…for marrying your wonderful woman Kim.