Watching the Man-Cave Take Shape

Why does building an addition in the year 2010 cost so much?  I am finding this out as my addition takes shape outside of our kitchen.  First of all, a big deep hole, dug by expensive Korean machinery. Then the pouring of cement into a mold, many different men appearing at separate times to build the form, then to fill in all of the rest of the hole.  Then a big platform, framed out showing just where each wall of the new building will be.

Outside, a big red dumpster waits to be filled up with the plaster, leftover painted shingles and other junk that will be taken out of our house when they bust through the wall and gut the pantry to make the second bathroom.

This whole process is fascinating but I understand, there are so many people to pay and so many different items that need to be purchased. It all adds up!

Last night I found what I think will be the perfect tub. 72 glorious inches and about 20″ deep.  My electrician Mitch has dangled some cool features in front of me, including switches right by the bed to turn off all of the lights, and built in speakers in the ceilings…oh, and wired internet so it’s twice as fast as wireless.  As I said, it all adds up!

Man Cave on Mountain Road.
The Man Cave takes shape.