The Man-cave Progresses at 9 Mountain Road

Finally, it’s a sure thing. The man-cave at 9 Mountain Road is officially under way. This morning a plumber named Brent showed up at the  house at 7:30 am holding thick brochures showing photos of tubs and pedestal sinks.  This project has been in my mind for so many years, it  feels excellent to be actually moving ahead and getting it done.

For the next eight weeks, there will be construction workers, dust and big machines here in our driveway. I will photograph the site from the same place and be able to show how it all came together. Maybe I’ll even do a stop-motion video when it’s all complete.

This fall, after the whole giant thing is done, we’ll have a party and invite a lot of people over. They will stroll through the dining room and enter the new man-cave and they’ll say, boy it’s about time you had your own wing!