The Hole Is Dug

Like an empty canvas, the blog page emerges, and I have to fill it. It’s never a chore, never a bother. I always love writing and do it with ease.  Today I used Delta miles to buy my ticket to Phocuswright, the world’s biggest and best internet travel conventions, which takes place in November in Scottsdale. It’s the place to be, so GoNOMAD will be there.  That’s one of the most exciting places to be, in that main arena, when the keynote takes off and the meetings begin.

The hole is dug, and soon the footings and foundation will be poured into molds in the hole. Whooo ho00! We’ll buy the windows for the addition this Saturday, when the state is giving us a tax free holiday….the stores will be busy but I like getting this extra bit off.

Soon I will finish my story about Spokane…although I do find myself resisting sitting down and just finishing it. Something about stories, they have to germinate. They have to pollinate in your head, and if you rush me man, well I just ain’t gonna write it that good.

My friend Ingrid in California is starting her 12-month journey, called “Finding My California Home. ” She will commence when she embarks and lives in 12 places around the state during the year.  I can’t wait to hear about how it comes out, and what happens along the way. Read her blog about how she selected the cities she’d live in and why.