The Arab Youth in London Wreck Supercars

I often tell friends and relatives that there are other, better papers to read every day besides the NY Times. But they rarely listen, and continue to read the Grey Lady religiously.

As I woke up today I pulled up NYT on my iPhone and found out about a scourge in London:  Young Arab millionaires, who are shippingn expensive McLarens, Ferarris and Bugattis over to London for their summer vacation and now are racing them around the streets of Knightsbridge. The horror!

The story told of using the old Denver boot on these pricey toys, as the Arab youth of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other nations flaunt parking laws.  There was even a pile up after a race that wrecked four sports cars. “It’s all right, we’ll pay for the damage,” said the young men as they walked away from the carnage.

These idle youth have so much money, some of them even have the new Swedish-built Koenigsegg CCXR, which sells for $1.9 million and can go 250 mph on biofuel.  One guy apologized for merely owning a red Ferarri, he didn’t have the gold lame and customized paint jobs of some of his other countrymen.