Bocce and Picnics In the Middle of Summer

Yesterday, a long Sunday, was August 1st. I bet I wasn’t the only person who told himself ‘wow, summer’s half over!’  and lamented about how time goes so fast, especially during these precious weeks of summer.  The days are long, but how come they feel like they slip away so fast?

It was a perfect day for the Circolo Italiano Family picnic, that brought lovers of Italy together in a park for a sumptuous picnic buffet yards and yards long. At the front was t

Tricolored pasta salad at Cirolo Italiano.
This salad looks like the Italian flag.

his lovely salad that combined the colors of the Italian flag with avocado, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes.

After lots of red wine it was time to play bocce. The park in Easthampton has a sparsely used set of courts and we rallied the members with bocce balls and they came over with two more bottles of wine for the players and spectators. The game is deceptively simple, affording no value at all for a hard toss as in bowling, no, it’s about wiggling in as close to the pillota as you can.