A Park and Ride Lot, and Spending for Tourism: Brilliant!

I read a story that shows how we’re going in the right direction. At least here in Franklin County MA.  Funds have been approved for a new commuter lot–right at the intersection of Deerfield and Whately, at Rtes 116, 5 and 10.  What a great idea…a place for up to 55 cars to park so that people can, gasp, ride together. YES, not in their own solo, single, mine-or-nothing, but riding as a carpool.  Is that still a bad word?

The state funded project will cost $850,000, to buy the land and put up the parking lot.  Good idea!

In addition, Stan Rosenberg has finally won funding for the creation of the Hampshire County tourism initiative, which will spend money to promote tourism.  He makes the point that it’s the second largest income producer after education in the state, and we should be finding ways to get more people to visit.

I contributed to the cause last week when I volunteered at the Visitors Center by the rotary in Greenfield. I think that staffing this building is important, because people stop by, use the bathroom, and inevitably want answers to what’s around here and what they can see.  Many of the passersby on my shift were asking about Vermont.  In that case I had to direct them up north, just before the first Brattleboro exit, where the Green Mountain State outspends old Massachusetts about 10 to one. They’ve got a swankier visitors promotion center, right on the interstate, filled with state employees.  They’ve got it right!