Ready. Set. Fly to Spokane! What Did I Forget?

To anyone who has taken a press trip, you know that moment when your flight is bearing down on you, and you’re making your last minute checks and worrying about what you might have forgotten. This morning I”ll fly to Spokane to begin what is being billed as a Mancation.  So of course, we have lots of daring activities on our agenda. Tonight in fact, we will fly with Backcountry Aerosports on ultralight aircraft over the fields and woods of Eastern Washington.

Kayaking on the Little Spokane River will be another day’s activity, along with a steak dinner. Of course. Later in the week there’s fly fishing and some biking and tasting some vodka made by Dry Fly Distilling in Spokane. I’m counting on my friends at the CVB to introduce me to fascinating characters who can tell me what it’s like to live in this city on the far eastern end of Washington, which is a huge state.

It’s a quick trip, I’ll fly home on Friday.  Good thing too, since I’ve been away a lot and gotta tend to my business for a little while anway.