Magpie Brings Another Slice of Class to Downtown Greenfield

Pizzamakers at Magpie, on Bank Row in Greenfield, MA
Magpie pies under construction.

Friday night in the up-and-coming town of Greenfield.  We are thinking of publishing an article about the ‘hottest town in Western Mass,” on GoNOMAD. We think steering people to this former mill town is very timely. There are so many things that are turning Greenfield around, for the better.

Last night Joe, Bill and I visited the new wood-fired pizza shop on Bank Row called Magpie.  It’s owned by Hope and Olive, who a few years ago converted the Polish Club into what many believe is now the finest restaurant in the Valley.  The same family just opened up where Ray’s Cafe once forlornly stood. But now the back of the big room is dominated by the wood-burning oven and the pizzamakers throwing their doughs up in the air. Our pies were artichoke and pesto, and one that came covered with arugula and olives, and a third with sausage. Small but well cooked pies.

The atmosphere was celebratory,  as if it was the place everyone wanted to be. There were people waiting in line but we quickly got seated and the service was first rate.   What else makes Greenfield rock?  A new music venue opening up at the former Clark’s Music shop will have four stories of art galleries and music and a bar. There’s going to be a train station and train service as well

oven at Magpie.
The wood fired oven at Magpie.

as a new station for busses. There is a new cafe, Greenfield Coffee, that’s high end and anchors Bank Row and Main St.

And all of these new things are in the same part of downtown. Go Greenfield, GO!