Kayaking the Clear Little Spokane River

Theresa paddles the river.

Kayaking down the Little Spokane River. A rare level of bliss. Floating so freely, with such clean water and only the chatter of the birds to be heard. A lovely river here in Eastern Washington, this place is crazy for kayaking. Everyone owns the boats, or has a story about a two-person kayak, also known as the divorce boat.

Our guide on the river told me that last year citizens here voted to raise their property taxes, to pay for much improved parks and recreational areas. So now there are new pools being opened, fun water spray areas for kids and lots of employees to help rent out these kayaks and portage them back upstream.  The city rents them and runs the program to break even, this means our ride down the Little Spokane can be had for just $12.

Ducks on the Little Spokane River.