Bedtime Tips: Sleeping Alone is In

How many people sleep in your bed?  I can’t think of a topic that provides more diverse answers. Bruce Feiler wrote a column today in the NY Times titled ‘Bedtime Stories’ that provided some answers .

I’ve been accused of snoring like a freight train, even  by people in adjacent rooms, so I’m used to being abandoned during the night, even when my partners would start out in the same bed as me.

Feiler suggests a few tips to ‘restoring the honor and dignity to the American Bed,’ which I summarize below:

*Make your bed. “It’s the opening note to a good night’s sleep.”

*Declutter your bedroom. “a Feng Shui master suggests wrapping the bed’s legs in red, the color of romance.” Get rid of those novels you aren’t going to read.

*Sanctify it. One other tip is to pray before getting in bed.

*Choreograph it. “Most couples sleep best when they face away from each other.”

So now you’re ready to sleep with your partner, or at least prepared to get a good night’s sleep all by your lonesome self.