American Launches NY-Manchester Route, and I’ll Come Along

The Yorkshire Dales. photo by Charlotte Turner.
View of the Yorkshire Dales, in Hawes. photo by Charlotte Turner.

Today is a sultry day, already I can tell the heat will envelope us. Tomorrow I’ll head down to Manhattan on the bus then take an hour-long subway ride through some of Brooklyn’s worst neighborhoods all the way to JFK airport. Then I’ll fly over to Manchester, England and begin another trip.

This trip has been planned for ages, and I’m excited that it’s finally here. Funny how I’ve only been to England once, and now I’m heading for the same region as we visited last year, the North. We will spend time in the big city of Manchester and get a chance to go hiking in the Yorkshire Dales.  Then we will be seeing the city of York, where New York got its name.

I will be blogging, tweeting, shooting and writing, in so many ways I’ll share what I see and point them out to you. I’ll introduce you to people who live in Manchester and York, and share stories that are told around the big table. Journalists, usually, can be counted on to have good stories from their traveling days. It’s nice to have the freedom of a solo trip, but sometimes the writers you travel with share such interesting stories and laughs that you’re glad you’ve joined up with a group.