A Day of Kudos, Meeting the Prime Minister

A series of really nice little things happened to me yesterday, making me grateful to be alive in the world and able to appreciate them.  Last night I learned that Brendan Vanson, a travel blogger, had compiled a list of what he considered the top 50 Independent Travel Websites. Using criteria including quality of photography and writing, the content, the design and Alexa ranking, he tallied them all up…and we won!

It makes sense since we have been compiling such a vast selection of stories, and our writers just keep getting better and better. But nice to get those kudos.

Then I got a call from Brooks Brothers. No, I didn’t order a suit. They wanted a job reference for Glen Sawyer, who worked here at the cafe last summer.  I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t pause, I told her straight out that he was reliable, fun, dependable and that she should hire him. I’m pretty sure she did, and that makes me feel great.

Lastly, I got an email from Sarah, our conscientious, hard-working, and sharp summer editorial assistant. She read the intinerary of the trip she’s taking–to Thailand–and found that it includes a reception with the country’s Prime Minister. Wow, she said.  But I told her to be confident, poised, and wear really nice shoes.  Thailand needs travel journalists more than ever, so it’s appropriate that the Big Man himself meets with the writers. Be confident, be polite, and most of all, I told her, act like you deserve it all. Because you do.