What Are They Hiding Under Their Maxi Dresses, Anyway?

Lemondrop is AOL’s saucy, sexy, cheeky fashion website. Some times I gotta admit I do read their hilarious takes on today’s hip styles. Here’s some of their juicy copy about things men don’t like that women sometimes wear.

“Maxi Dresses
What are you hiding under there? A peg leg? Chemical explosives? An army of small children about to dance out from underneath you, like in “The Nutcracker”?

Excess Pleats / Pockets / Crotch Material
What woman needs this many folds and pockets? Why do I feel like these are pants for French mimes? Also, you already have the purse to store stuff, and besides, technology keeps making everything smaller, I’m pretty sure Apple makes an baby-carrot-sized iPod at this point. Yet there you are, an otherwise attractive woman wearing a pair of pants with enough fabric to parachute a cat off of a suburban roof.

Mixed feelings. On the one hand, they’re essentially short-shorts that happen to also be like this weird one-piece thing. I’ve seen women wear the rompers (great name, by the by) and look amazing, and then I’ve seen them wear the rompers and look like they should be drinking out of a juice box with a booger in their nose.”