Recap: Party Turns Boffo, Women Leave Inspired

Here’s a news flash: Social media doesn’t really move the needle of events; though some events live or die by their Facebook coverage, others, not so much. Our wine party at the cafe went off brilliantly, with many Hidden Techérs coming from far away to sip and schmooze. But only one person came because of Facebook.  Though I must say I was very pleased that she did.  So all of that wine I bought was consumed and our reputation for holding kick-ass HT events is intact.

Then Valerie Young came in today with eight women, all taking a workshop about how to make their passions into their work. It is not an easy assignment…to mesh what you love with what you do for money. Most people don’t succeed at this.

We sat outside on the S. Deerfield common and I shared my story of going from the basement to the office. I told them about working till very late at night, and wanting, hoping, wishing if I could only make it my job. I think they were inspired, and it was fun sharing the tips I’ve collected over the years about how to enjoy life and seize it for all its worth. 

I asked each woman to tell me two words that describe what they’re passionate about. ‘People. Animals. Women. Children. Travel.’ I had a hard time seeing how these personal puzzles would fit together. But I admire these women for taking the time to explore what they want out of life, and working with Valerie to try and find it.