I Used to Cash My Paycheck in $2 Bills

I worked for decades as a man who made a paycheck. Later on in life I became a salesman who made commissions…and this was much better, because companies are willing to fork over way, way more if they can call it commissions instead of wages.

I remember when I was first out on my own, living in Norwich VT, and I asked the teller to cash my check and hand it all over in $2 bills. Jefferson is the guy on those bills, which always seemed more convenient than ones.

For all those years that I got a paycheck, I never had a situation where I didn’t get it after a week of work. So I am sensitive, today, when I found out that my employee’s payroll checks would not be ready due to an error on our end. UGH!

I could sense that things were tense when I came to the cafe and felt a coldness from my usually warm and friendly baristas. Oh yeah, they are upset. So I looked each of them in the eye and told them that I will make it right, and that I know how important it is. That whatever way we need to do it, they would have their money today.

Some times being an employer is a challenge, because you’ve gotta take care of people. At those times you gotta man up.