How To Profit from Your Passion? Hey, I Can Handle that Topic

It’s gonna be a sweltering day, yet we’ve learned in the office that we can live without air conditioning. We turn on a big fan and open a lot of windows….we used to keep it cool as a cuke until we got the $200 a month bill. Funny how quickly you learn to adjust.

It’s a busy day because I am having one of our semi-annual Hidden Tech parties at the cafe. These can either be loads of fun, or terribly depressing because nobody shows.  But I always act like we’re going to have a huge crowd, and I buy lots of wine, set out table cloths, light candles and play soft jazz. Hey, I am always a glass-full guy, what can I say? I did put out a few messages via social networks, so let’s see if any of those actually draw people in.

In a few minutes I’ll meet with my independent travel webmasters by conference call. We’re doing a pretty cool giveaway contest so we’re all coordinating this among our sites.  I am deep gratitude to Tim Leffel of Perceptive Travel for being dogged in his organization of our group, and not letting us give up on this idea of working cooperatively.

Tomorrow a woman named Valerie Young is coming to the cafe with eight of her students. They are studying about  “How to Profit from Your Passion,” and she asked me to speak to the group. Now if there’s one topic I can riff endlessly about, well that’s it. I am looking forward to meeting the group in the Town Common on Friday.