Warming Up in the Hot Springs

Public hot springs in Furnas, Sao MIguel Azores.
Public hot springs in Furnas, Sao MIguel Azores.

Everywhere in Furnas are bubbling, superheated hot springs that both entertain and provide relaxation for locals. People come from around the world to see them and there’s a big hotel in the center of the town where guests go to swim in orange colored, iron-laced waters.

The waters of the pool are just slightly warm; but this hot spring is really hot. My friend Kent, the original hot water lover, would have found a way to strip down and jump into this pool, we had to content ourselves with merely watching others frolic and take photos.

Such is the travel writer’s life….tapas is what I like to call it, not big main meals. We sample tapas of so many things, and then share them all.  The same applies to trip invitations.  I am all set to join a group of bloggers to Thailand next month, but at the same time just turned down an invite to go to Ecuador.

Time as they say, is the most important thing anyone has, and it’s darn hard to coordinate schedules so that everyone you may hope will be able to travel can actually make it.