Dinner and a Movie By Myself: What a Treat

Last night I did something I haven’t done in a while. I stole away to Amherst for dinner and a movie by myself.  I strolled down the streets of this town, where in the 1990s I sold newspaper advertising, and saw all of the new businesses who have taken up residence on the main drag.

One is coming soon–called Amherst Creperie, which will replace Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream that vanished last year. I lingered in the doorway to a new place that featured Persian food, once  a McDonald’s was located here before the national chain gave up the town of Amherst.

But I wanted to check out my South Deerfield neighbor’s place, called Souper Bowl, so that was where I ended up. A fine-looking Cuban Panini and a bowl of soup sitting alone at the bar until it was time to walk up to Amherst Cinema to see “Crazy Heart.”

The movie struck a chord, and it was a not a happy one.  Jeff Bridges perfectly captures that angst and terrible restlessness that is a part of being a raging alcoholic. His manic swigs from the flask, his insistent tippling at just the wrong moments and his ultimate downfall when he betrays the trust of the woman he loves, sadly and accurately depict the terrible truth.

I made a phone call after that movie, imploring someone close to me to see it and realize what that life really looks like. I wish him the best and that I had more power to help.