Loading Up the Car with Bricks at Re-Store

It’s almost a spring day in South Deerfield, where the sun is making people smile more than they usually do this time of year.  A woman emerged from the pizza place wearing tiny shorts and a tee shirt. Inspiring!

Where I’m going tonight will inevitably be chronicled more than it needs to be…it’s a party at Jaclyn Stevenson’s house, and in attendance will be a coterie of bloggers, Twitter Queens and Facebook fanatics. Needless to say, everyone will be commenting, posting, photographing and even videotaping with zeal. I’ll make sure to wear a nice shirt.  The theme, as always is the Oscars.

People create dishes named after the 1o movies nominated for Best Picture.  I have a plan to make a Precious Avatart, and am still contemplating just what to put in it.

I drove down to the Re-store in Springfield today, hoping to find some good used kitchen cabinets.  But their supply was sparse.  A pair of women were loading bricks into the back of a van, and an employee was warning them that they might have trouble driving–one hundred bricks weigh almost a ton. But the couple didn’t seem to mind the way their springs were sagging, and kept on loading them into the back.  “We’re building a patio,” she explained to me.