Tossing and Turning the Night Before…As Usual

At three am, I tossed in my bed, almost knocking Mamacat off her perch nestled there at my feet. I have had this date seared into my mind for months; now it’s time to drive to Boston and speak to a crowd. I toss and turn worrying about what I’m going to say–I let doubt slip in and feel that I’m a phony and don’t really know enough to address a crowd of travel professionals. It’s the third year in a row I’ve done this, yet there I was sweating it out the night before.

The way you solve the jitters is to plan…and create the cheatsheets known as PowerPoint slides. I went downstairs and set to work. How many of the people today will have been there last year? Don’t wanna repeat the same stuff. But it’s good stuff….so it’s worth repeating. The topic is social media and how to use it to help your travel business grow. Hey, that’s a familiar theme, I read about it all the time. Don’t make the PP slides too wordy…don’t end up reading the slides–boring. The Boston Globe Travel Show agenda is here.

In an hour or so I was back on track…feeling ok. I do know about this stuff, and I am the right man to make this presentation. Lose that tight fitting sportsjacket. There, OK, I look fine. Ready to get on the Pike, make it happen. Wish me luck!