The Timeshare Salesman Jokes with New Clients

I sat at the breakfast table with a view of the azure sea, and right beside me sat a man facing a portly couple, both looking at a form he wanted them to fill out.

What else was he doing but selling a timeshare, the leading business of this, the pinnacle of Mexican tourism, Cancun.

The man was in the excavating business, she was a nurse, and they lived in Toledo. The salesman said he once ran a restaurant in Rochester, but grew sick of those cold winter winds. “We sent that weather over to you!” joked his new customer.

I picked at my plate of fruit and wished the coffee was stronger. As expected the waiters were charming, and when I was about to tuck into some chicken soup he gently warned me about the jalopenos in there. “Mucho caldo!” he explained.

The hotel is 45% occupied, and now at 9 am it’s just getting busy with people coming and going wearing coverups.

Today I hope to see the friends we met last January and get up on stage to accept my award. I might even write something witty or at least make some notes so I’ll sound respectable up there.