Like-minded People Gather to Share at Podcamp

“I have met so many people as a result of social media,” said Leslie, an active blogger, twitterer and Facebooker, and one of the presenters at Podcamp Western Mass. “I met Morris, my partner, and I met another person who became a business partner, and so many people all over Western Mass. I’ve gotten so much more than I’ve given.”

Leslie summed up why we have all given up a Saturday to join like-minded people learning about the fine points of twitter, facebook, blogs, videos and other aspects of today’s social media landscape.

What I like is that it’s one of the few venues where we can be typing a blog, reading twitter feeds and still listen to the speakers. I’ve always said, ‘hey I’m listening, really’ and nobody believes me. But here, hey….it’s ok to do it all at the same time.

Jackie Stevenson has been a friend for many years, and she gave a bang up presentation about how she uses SM to promote companies and restaurants. She has some cogent examples of big media scores.

She spent more than a year as a freelancer; now she’s gotten a four-day a week gig as Director of Public Relations for Winstanley Associates.

Without all of this SM stuff, she would have never gotten this great opportunity to have a good paying job with benefits. Couldn’t happen to a better gal; and it couldn’t have happened without our social media world.