Blog Talk Highlights Selected Posts from Readuponit

The snow I eluded as I sped east late last night finally caught up with us here in Deerfield, with flakes coming down and the cafe full of people enjoying the atmosphere and sipping coffee. I was thrilled to be told this morning about Phoebe Mitchell’s inclusion of some of my blog contents in a feature that runs in the Gazette called Blog Talk.

I guess if you update a blog daily for almost six years, you earn the respect of the local paper, and so she recounted some of my recent posts about Podcamp, the Cancun writing award, and about padded airline schedules. I found the story linked up under the paper’s Briefing Section. Cool!

I’ve been trying to interest the Gazette in using my blog on their site ever since I traveled to Colombia with Larry Parnass, who is now the editor. They only have a sports blog now and I’ve said again and again, you can run Readuponit for nothing. But I never have been able to convince them that an outsider like me can be as reliable, compelling and interesting as a staff writer. Who knows, maybe after this they will be convinced.