Award-Winning Writer: I Love the Sound of That!

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Cindy and I traveled to Mexico last January and upon my return I wrote a story for GoNOMAD titled “Ecotourism in Cancun: Wilder than we Expected,” about the contrast between the stereotype of Mexico’s most popular tourism destination and the public perception of ecotourism. The story was about things you can do outdoors—but what we remembered most was how much we loved the people of Mexico.

I’ve been a writer since I helped put out my elementary school newspaper in 1970. But I’ve never been able to call myself an ‘Award-winning writer.’ Tonight, for the first time in my 51 years, I took a first place prize for my writing. I’m awfully proud, I must admit. And this one comes with a big check and a free trip to Cancun for the ceremony. Pinch me!

It was our first trip to Mexico and we loved everyone we met. The physical beauty of Mexico’s azure sea and the cenotes (water holes) of the Yucatan were striking. But Mexico, for us, was about the people who live there. Our hosts were friendly and warm, and everyone from the hotel manager down to the chamber maids were genuinely pleased to help us and their smiles were real. I can’t wait to go back next week!