After a Quarter of a Century, I Switch to a Mac

I am still amazed I actually did it. I crossed over after twenty-five or more years of using a PC and bought a MacBook. I don’t expect to become one of those Apple fanatics who vociferously defend anything the company makes, but I gotta admit my experience with my iPhone nudged me this way. And so far its simple elegance and these cool voice commands are looking pretty good!

We navigated our way all the way over to the nearest Apple store (using our iPhone’s GPS) at a North Jersey mall. There a designated ‘genius’ helped us with our decision. He told us that the MacBook Pros, which have a cooler looking aluminum case, are actually slower than the newer and less expensive MacBook. I guess people like thinking of themselves as ‘pros’ and also like that nice brushed aluminum. But I settled on the white simplicity of the $999 priced model, and after a few more sales tips, whipped out my card.

But the Apple store is not like any other store…so you don’t go to the register. Oh no, this guy whips out his iTouch and swipes my card right there on the showroom, and he emailed me my sales reciept. I like it already!

I got the thing home and without a Wi-Fi password, can’t get online to really get into it. And for some reason plugging my dad’s ethernet into the little MacBook doesn’t do anything. I can’t wait to get home and see how it really works.