Life in a Little Village, Joyous to Have No Commute

I just got back from bringing my grandson Nathan to school. It’s less than a half mile from my house, and the same tiny distance from my office. As I drove home I thought about the difference between my life in 2010, and my car-oriented life of 2004. I used to fill my gas tank twice a week, and drove all the way down to the Connecticut border every day in that old life.

As gas prices tightened up and our website became more profitable, my need to drive fell away. After January of 2005 I never had to leave this little village for work. There is something right about this, I think. Picking up a four-year-old to go to school is a joy for me…as my own mother says often about the time she spends with her grandchildren, these little times spent in the company of the tiny are pleasures, not responsibilities.

The price of gas flew up in 2008, and I remember thinking of how glad I am that I don’t need those two tanks of gas any more. As I sit here in the cafe, looking out of the windows at the passing cars, I am glad I’m not joining them on their journey. No, my little circle of business, family and friends are right here in my village.