He Didn’t Listen to His Woman…and She Didn’t Let Him Forget!

I got a call yesterday from a reporter named Agnes Pawlowski from CNN.com. They were doing a feature on dirty hotels and wanted some quotes. I was happy to pull out this old chestnut, a classic case of a man who should have trusted the wiser instincts of his better half. Here’s the passage.

“Max Hartshorne said his girlfriend will never let him forget the time he booked a hotel room in Los Angeles, California, based on the low price.

The couple, from South Deerfield, Massachusetts, were on their way to New Zealand and just needed a room for the night. Hartshorne, the editor of the travel Web site GoNomad.com, said he had a bad feeling when the hotel shuttle that was to pick them up from the airport turned out to be a dented, decrepit van. The hotel itself was a dump in a seedy neighborhood, Hartshorne said.

“It was dirty, it was a bummer and it was the classic thing where the woman is telling the man not to do something and the man thinks it’s the cheapest,” he added. The couple ended up scrambling to find another place to stay.”

Thanks for reaching out CNN, glad to provide fodder for your travel site!