Odds and Ends at the End of the Year

I read in the Boston Herald about a tragedy…that donated clothing is being turned into rags. Rags! You’d think the clothes were alive or something. People are upset, and vowing to only bring their throwaway clothes to Goodwill, not to to the boxes that sit in many Cape Cod Supermarket parking lots.

I’ve seen the stacks of American clothing sitting in places like the DR and Chile. Nobody ever goes without a shirt in these nations, because the clothing, donated by Americans and other westerners, is neverending, arriving by the railcar every week.

Then I popped over to Web Pro News and found a story about cars. And Wi-Fi. Ford is going to be offering a fully-Wi-Fi equipped sedan next year. It will use off the shelf parts like USB and offer internet connectivity for all, using the same method they have pioneered with their SYNC program that offers streaming music.

At the end of the day I walked over to the FCAT studio and produced the first segment of the GoNOMAD Travel Show. It will be on the cable airwaves soon, and in about 90 minutes I got through seven minutes. It’s hard and it’s fascinating, and I can’t wait to see it on TV.