He Wants to Race Cars Down a Steep Slope

muller 786240
It’s great to be back and reading the local paper the Recorder: I heard about Mik Muller’s idea to have fun…by racing homemade carts down a steep hill in Turner’s Falls. It’s named, ‘gravity-power’ but the truth is what male can ever resist something that involves rolling fast carts down a dangerous, curving hill. (photo: Paul Franz/Recorder)

Muller wants to hold a gravity powered derby here next September 18th. Different ages would have separate races. Already one selectman has given him the thumbs up. “I like it,” said Patricia Allen. When I showed this newspaper story to several other men, their thumbs all went up too.

Muller is no slacker when it comes to his own passion about the idea. “This ig going to be huge. Every single person I talk to is really excited.” If there are any other engineers and scientists out there who want to help with planning, contact Mik at Montague.net.