We’re Not Worthy….Ok, I Guess We Are

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When I stepped into our two-connected-rooms-with-a-living-room-in-between here at the Kimberly Hotel, I thought, why, we’re mere travel editors…are we worthy of these luxe New York City digs? Of course we are, I said again, quickly coming to my senses.

It’s tough being a travel writer, especially having to spend the night at such sumptous hotels as this, but hey, we’re here to share cool lodgings with our readers and so, I point to exhibit A as the first piece of evidence. That would be this beautiful terrace that has a bird’s eye view of the iconic pointed windows atop the Chrysler Building. Boy that’s beautiful.

I discovered another pretty cool little part of this suite…a tiny kitchenette tucked away in the side of our living room. In the bedroom there is a Sony Dream Machine where I popped down my iPhone and began playing my tunes right away. We’re off tonight to a penthouse apartment where our dear pals from a tourism board haveP1580191 744479 invited us to come and have Chinese.

We met with a bunch of old friends at today’s Visit Europe media exchange, and firmed up connections and plans for many travels throughout 2010.

As usual, the city has quickened my pulse and made me feel as alive as I can be…glad to be here at the Kimberly and glad to be in the most exciting city in the world, the Big Apple.