When Yóu’re a Web Publisher, You’ve Gotta Bonk

In our business, we call it bonking. We repetitively copy and paste pieces of text, photos and links from one page to template pages to fix our code and update the GoNOMAD website. Cultivating this vast field of travel articles takes a lot of work, a lot of bonking, over and over again. You’ve got to go back, then go back, and do it and redo it, and the work is endless…there are so many pages to fix.

It is this spade work, this time-consuming movement of text and the rest to create new pages, is our lifeblood. The unglamorous work that if you gave it to someone else to do, it would cost too much and you wouldn’t be able to finish it. But that’s why we teach people to do this and do so much of it ourselves.
So today, we both hit the keys and bonked our hearts out.