Hidden Tech Party Brings the Geeks to the Cafe

It’s not a major birthday year but hey, it does only come around once. Today I’m fifty-one. Wow, it was just last year that we had the major party that every red-blooded American man deserves….but this year no big plans, just a bunch of computer geeks who are coming to the cafe tonight for the Hidden Tech Sip and Schmooze.

This group is comprised of people who make their livings at home. They don’t have an office to go to, they’re known as our ‘hidden tech’ community. I began having these parties to bring these folks out of their home offices and into the social limelight a few years ago. Since most of the meetings of the group involve aspects of work, I’ve emphasized that this is just for fun. The turnout is usually decent.

The cafe looks great with candles lit, dimmed lights, white tablecloths, and the gentle clink of wine glasses mixed with the tingle of jazz on the hifi. I just got the call that I get every year from the parents, wondering about what my plans are for the special day. It’s always nice to be connected.