A Rainy Saturday: A Perfect Day for the Dump

Don’t rainy Saturdays make you feel productive? That’s what they do to me. I’m up and full of ideas on what good things I can accomplish that I’ve been meaning to get done for months. For the first time in recent memory, both my daughter and my son-in-law are home on this good Saturday, and the house is undergoing various stages of long-overdue cleaning.

Later today I’ll drive down to the bachelor farmer at the end of our street and pick up a few cords of wood to stash in our woodshed for the cold that’s coming.

Last night we watched a movie that was about a woman who gets sent away to prison for stealing and doing drugs, called “Sherry Baby.” The child she left as an infant has grown up and her good hearted brother and his wife have taken her in. A sad scene was when they tell the little one to call her Sherry, not mom, since it’s all so confusing. It was another rare experience, watching one of dad’s weird Netflix choices, on a rare weekend night in Deerfield.