A Classic Fall Day…And a Busy Travel Week Ahead

What a lovely Fall day in New England. Outside, the air is crisp, about 59 degrees, and leaves are blowing around the yard, beautiful patches of orange, red and yellow. I’m cozy wearing a new ‘shirt jacket’ that my parents gave me for my birthday, and Cindy is by my side happily playing Scrabble on her iphone with her California sister.

Last night we broke out the firepit….that roaring fire again brought out conversation and intimacy. But this time since it was a month later into Fall, our backs were a bit colder and we didn’t stay out there as long, despite the towering flames I coaxed out of that metal box.

On Monday I’ll fly down to Washington DC, actually to a conference center in Maryland just across the Potomac called Gaylord Center. There I will spend two days schmoozing with members of the National Parking Association. Hey it’s my consulting gig and they want me to be there. Then I’ll return and go down to New York on Weds night to meet with Travel Ad Network honchos who are having their annual publisher’s conference.

Last year I didn’t attend and felt a bit of their wrath. I think it’s good to get as much face time as we can with people who make money for us…and I’m sure I’ll meet some interesting travel publishers with their own clever stories to tell.