Shelley’s Always Got an Idea Percolating

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Shelley Rotner, a New Yorker and Northamptonite, is a woman with a million projects percolating in her head. I met her while I was traveling in the Alps last year, and she told me about an upcoming children’s book–her 32nd–that she was working on. It’s just one of the many ideas she comes up with and often realizes into print.

She dropped off a copy of “Dogs Don’t Brush Their Teeth,” for me the other day, and it’s become my grandson Nathan’s favorite book. That’s because the funny book is so simple, a four-year-old can read it to his mom.

Each page is a series…a likely doggie situation, and an unlikely one. So we see the dogs fetching balls, then we see a dog up to bat at the plate. We see a dog riding in a car, and then by God, the dog is DRIVING the car! Needless to say, to a four-year-old, these improbabilities are the stuff of wild guffaws.

I know many people in my line of work who have written books. And I know many more who say they want to write a book, or started writing a book, or some day will write a book. Shelley, with 32 under her belt, trumps them all. Congrats to her and co-author Diane deGroat for this new accomplishment!