My Favorite Day of the Year: Tag Sale Day in Deerfield

There’s a hum in the air, that distinct buzzing of the late summer early fall insects. The sunlight is clear, and direct, punishing at some points of the day, then turning to a softer glow in the late afternoon.

I’m passing out flyers, one by one, one in the hand of each businss owner to put up in the window. I felt like by handing each one out, I was valueing them each a little more, and that they would be put up, rather than thrown out after I leave.

It’s time for Tag Sale Day in Deerfield, my creation from last year that drew 60 sales. I am hoping that we have 80 this year! I am keeping it all simple, the poster is sparse but I think effective, and I love the fact that it’s about having sales at each person’s house. Nothing central, no big event, just a series of simultaneous little ones. Collective action.