They Sell Locomotives on the Web

We had a backyard barbeque in the steamy August evening. Old friends of mine came and some new friends of my daughters, but one of them was a man whose name I recognized. David Goff. He and his wife live in Deerfield and in their home office run a fascinating part-time business: They sell locomotives. Not model ones, not little ones that run around basement tracks…no, actual locomotives, dozens of tons heavy, that short-line railroads use to push around freight cars on sidings.

The couple even has their own siding to keep locomotives they are fixing or waiting to sell. Dave said he got into the business after a friend told him about selling cars…and then he saw the profits in these larger items and so it began. Last week they shipped a locomotive all the way from Savannah Georgia to Australia. He said they can ship them around the US on low-boy trucks, or even on rails.

They have created a website to sell their locomotives and they say business is going strong. Some day Dave promised to take me for a ride on one of his trains, it would definitely make a great story!