Rocking with the Gentle Waves in Edgartown’s Outer Harbor

I’m lying in a bunk in the wheelhouse of the Isis, 42′ trawler yacht anchored off of Chappy on a balmy night. The lights atop several large sailboats look like Venus and laughter can be heard from a distant boat.

Today we biked the length of Chappy and toured the harbor in the skiff, getting up close to the elegant summer homes that make Edgartown famous. I had seen them for so many years from land and now got to see them and the beautiful yachts as well from the water.

We also saw the massive house built on the site that for nearly 50 years was Essies house. Sigh.
Spending these few days here was tonic, so relaxing and fun to be here right now, makes me feel grateful for my life and the people I love who give true meaning to it all. I went outside last night and gazed at the stars and the cloudy moon and all was right for a brief moment with the world…