Police Use Ugly Truck to Solve Nuisance Problems

Police Nuisance Property Surveillance Vehicle in Peoria, Illinois.In Peoria Illinois, police officials have discovered the power of public shame. They park an especially ugly truck with 360 degree cameras in front of the houses of suspected drug dealers and other neighborhood trouble makers. People call the cops, and once they park the truck, people leave. Today’s WSJ told the story.

“The ugliness of the Armadillo is what makes it unique,” said Jim Pasco, of the National Fraternal Order of Police .”A police car is not a particular stigma, but if people see that thing in front of your house, they know something bad is going on in there.”

The chief saw the former Brink’s armored truck sitting in a parking lot in the police parking lot. He pressed it into service and later beefed it up, with bulletproof tires, and lettering that said Peoria Police Nuisance Property Surveillance Vehicle. One ‘nuisance property dweller’ parked cars all up and down their street to keep police from parking the Armadillo.

So they parked across the street.