Living the Life on the Water

I’m charged up from a few days at sea off MV. It was really sweet tonic to just be out there, out in that harbor that I dreamed about as a boy for so many afternoons. It took until I was 50 to achieve such a seemingly simple goal.

Denny and Laraine love to share their lives on the boat, that lasts four months and takes them all up and down the East Coast. The liveaboard boat looks a little like a fishing boat, it has the same lines, so inside it is roomy and comfortable.

I learned a lot about living on the ocean from this couple. We spent a long time on Tuesday filling up the 300-gallon tanks in Isis lower hull that would last them about three weeks. Denny said that desalination plants are common on vessels of all sizes.

They even make a little pail that squeezes seawater through membranes and creates fresh water. If you don’t use the system for a while, it gets all gummed up with the salt and won’t work right. Everything on the coffee table was secured with green gum. Thing bounce around and waves over 5′ can be very wet.

Denny said that at this time in his life it’s about time, not money. And since his passion is the ocean, he’s living the perfectly aligned life, on the water as he likes it. As we said goodbye, they were headed to the other side of the Elizabeth islands, to spend the night in a quiet cove called Hadley. Next port of call Provincetown. We love being on the boat, they both said, and you can tell that each project they undertake for the Isis is a labor of love.