Escobar Meets MacGyver and Other Drug Tales

A man called GoNOMAD last night looking for information on renting a villa in Costa Rica. We don’t rent villas, but I promised him I’d see what I can do, and this led me to a website called Costa Rica Travel News. The lead story on about the top ten drug smuggler bloopers in this country of many drug smugglers.

One was headlined ‘Escobar Meets MacGyver.

Last year authorities found four men in a 50’ homemade submarine seven feet below the surface, carrying a big load of cocaine. The men were breathing through tubes and had bailing devices and several tanks of gas when they were caught 100 miles off the country’s coast.

Other smugglers chose to hide their blow inside shark carcasses. When cops found the drugs, that broke open inside the fish, they also stumbled upon a private island with underground tunnels and three-meter deep vaults to store coke.

A final story was told about a cocaine speedboat that was caught and held by police on a beach. Three days later three cops and a detective conspired to steal the boat and the cocaine and got away with it for three months. The four brand-new cars they bought tipped off the police, who found more than $335,000 in various currencies.