Twilight at the Beach: Why We Came

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What is it that pulls us to the shore? What is that feeling we seek, which makes us willing to endure traffic jams, exorbitant parking rates, being ordered around by beach attendants and sand in our sandwiches?


It’s that hard to explain, yet totally real experience of twilight by the beach. You’ve had a busy day, gotten some sun, and after a refreshing shower, you emerge to the deck, or the porch, grab an adult beverage, and soak in the ambience of the beach twilight experience. Whether it’s on Long Beach Island in our rented whole-family beach house, on our grandmother Essie’s porch in Edgartown, or here, in Seaside Heights, that experience and that beach twilight with family, friends, and anticipating a great seafood dinner that makes it all worth everything it costs to get here.