The Two Devices That Are Changing the Game

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Here are two devices that I am sure are game changers. I’ve had my iPhone for a few weeks now, and beside it here is the new Palm Pre.

During my trip to New Jersey, while on the beach and on Safari, I was able to keep in touch, and it made the whole idea of going away much, much better. Not only do I love the email anywhere, but the way Apple displays the recent calls and the voicemails is better than on any phone I’ve ever had.

The Palm Pre has one thing about it that they trumpet as the killer difference: you can use more than one program on the web at the same time. I’m not sure that the average customer will appreciate that, but it does make it a little more useful.

Now Kent has one-upped me, though by getting the new Verizon Mi-Fi 2200. He’ll travel with a cloud that will allow five laptops to get a Wi-Fi signal just by being near him. That has so many interesting applications, I can’t even begin. Wow, technology is getting damn great.