I Always Admire a Persistent Salesman

I’m on the phone with a very persistent guy from Switzerland. He is trying to convince me that we should fork over $2 grand a month and he’ll give us all sorts of content like video, news feeds and articles. The deal is that they collect all sorts of travel content and then offer it as a package to websites.

I was hard on the young guy, but he hung in there; continuing to push and ask questions and try to interest us on his ideas. I always like a guy who persists and believes in his product so much he won’t be deterred. So I kept up with him, eventually realizing that they could spider our content so that we’ll offer our articles to the other sites who pay for the service. It’s complicated but intriguing; he kept trying to send us links to look at other sites but it was hard to find anything like GoNOMAD. Finally he showed me a site from Bangladesh…but it wasn’t really anything like what he wanted us to set up.

It’s a bright, beautiful morning and I’ve got our great intern coming in to go over new assignments. She’s traveling to Montreal and we’ll set up some tours and people to meet so she can write about it. It’s a good day so far!