Odds and Ends on a Rainy Friday Morning

It’s been a weird Spring. It is almost never warm and sunny; instead we get these dregs of what feels like March, or the bluster and overcast skies of late fall. I am sure that I am joined by all of the citizens of Massachusetts in wishing that it would finally become summer and warm up.

We have been keeping our new interns very busy at GoNOMAD. Sometimes it’s a juggling act; thinking of writing assignments, coming up with tasks to help our cause, and getting them rolling on writing daily blogs and sending out emails. We have three interns this summer who are all bright and eager and it feels like we’re finally figuring out how to harness their intelligence and drive to good use.

Next week I’m putting my cafe staff to the test–asking them to come in and clean the cafe as well as have pizza and attend a meeting about our standards and how we make food. It’s a bit of a test, since I sent out the email saying the meeting was mandatory. I just hope that the staff will show up and that a frenzied 6 or 7 person attack will go far to make the cafe shine and get everyone on the same page food wise.