Is There Time To Work Out This Morning? Is There?

Now it’s crunch time. It’s that moment when it can go either way…I’m at the precipice, deciding about how I will continue this morning routine. I’m in the bathrobe, on the laptop, and Cindy is busy getting dressed. We’ve had our coffee, I’m draining my second cup.

So do I work out or blow it off and get ready to go to the office and cafe?

Too many times I’ve let work get in the way of these rejuvenatiung work-outs. I could say that I worked out yesterday, so why bother. Hey, we DID get up at 6, earlier than usual, just to give us extra time.

So I guess there’s no way around it. I’ll put on my work out gear and pack my copy of the latest book about traveling through the former USSR, and get on the Elyptical. Yeah, I think I’m leaning toward doing ‘the right thing.’

Don’t let me get sidetracked, I’m going for it…..yeah, really.