An Email From Iran

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I sent out a letter to some of the Iranians I met on my trip there in November. I asked them to tell me about the situation there as they see it, and wished them the best from me and from all Americans. I told them that we supported them and hoped that the election situation would be resolved soon. I told them many of us here were in their corner against fraudulent elections.

A young woman I met on a daytrip to the desert outside of Tehran replied to me. Below is what she said. I feel for her and hope that getting this out will tell the world what is happening there.

hi šŸ™‚
i remember u sir
actually i’m so angry because we didn’t choise MR.Ahmadi nejad again and he cheated!
we wanted to take our right back but they shoot us and …. you see all the video i know, because now a days ,we are every where!!!!
but i want to say that: we LOVE our country and we don’t want any revolt or roghness, we just want our vote to this election….
we wanted to save our country in peace and confederation.
so we have hiking (rahpeymayi) every day till day answer us whitout any hide side!!! we want the clear answer!
and u know today I was in hiking ,we were walking in the long distance without say anything! we rote our wants in paper and we show them and we show V with our hands , and we all use green thing as our sign! and today they didan’t do any thing and they let us to walking without any problem and we say hi to our soldier and they had answerd šŸ™‚
we just want peace and freedom. just it!
so i really ask u to write in your blog that, we love each other and wedon’t want any revolotion and losing our pepole! we can do it i know! and I hope that God and all the world help us without any interfearing….
just wish us luck and say the real news šŸ™‚
thank u very much