Now the Writing Part, the Hardest Thing About a Press Trip

I’m thinking about Beaumont, Texas on this glorious pre-holiday Friday. The cafe was booming so I finally now have time to do what I spend many hours avoiding every day. That is writing the stories that result from my travels.

Travel writers will tell you that getting back to a story is tough, once you’ve put the notebook away and you’ve begun thinking and planning your next trip. No, you’re not out of the woods, you think, you’ve still got to chronicle and describe that last place. If you let it go too far, then you’ve got real problems, so I always try to get it done within a month or so. I’m getting to the end of the time I give myself.

Texas was an eye-opening experience, and the people I met there were friendly, welcoming and a lot of fun. It should be easy to write this story, I’ve just got to nail myself down to this chair and do it.

As is often the case, one of my blogs got me into trouble, so I’ve removed a post from earlier in the week. I hope that everyone is happy now, some day I’ve got to learn how to write a blog that people won’t ask me to remove.