May Grayness Bums Out New Englanders

I sat on the treadmill at the Y yesterday and watched a silent TV. Silent because the jack that I was supposed to plug into didn’t work. On one of the TVs a man bowled and I watched him throw 12 strikes! The show was called “America’s Best Bowler” and by God, this guy sure qualified, putting down a perfect 300 on ABC-TV. Like a hole-in-one, you rarely get to see people go 12/12 right there in front of you.

The greyness of the day is frustrating for frozen New Englanders like me who are collectively yearning for warmth and sunshine. Maybe later in the week. I was happy not to get any text messages today about call-outs, so we should be ‘all hands on deck’ today at the cafe.

As I plan our trip to Normandy in late June, I just hope that all is ok and everything works fine in my absence. This year’s travel has been reduced because of my fear that being away will create meltdown conditions as has happened in the past. I was happy though that Sony went to Tunisia instead of me…so far her blogs have been wonderful and I know her story will be first rate. We’re sending Izzy our beloved intern of this semester off to Valencia on Delta’s inaugural flight out of JFK, and we’re working with New Jersey tourism on a family travel story to their seashore.

Gotta get up to Deerfield and get back into the fray. It should be a good day!